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Seeing World Through Second Set Of Eyes

IMG_2558Kattie Iwanski looks at crystal waters, blue skies and breathtaking scenery when she wants to capture the world in a Nikon camera frame. A recent trip to Florida spiked the young photographer’s interest in photography.  

Photography is a passion for the sophomore. She has spent a total of three years so far developing her photography skills.

“I was inspired to take pictures because of being able to capture the moment I was in,” Iwanski said. “You can go back and look at pictures from moments that only last for so long.”

Iwanski enjoys taking pictures whenever she has free time after busy school days and lots of homework. She typically posts her pictures on Instagram and also creatively hangs them from the ceiling of her bedroom like it is her own photo gallery.

“I like being able to go outside and take pictures just because you can express yourself through pictures, you can do anything you want with them,” Iwanski said.

If Iwanski was to go into the professional business of photography after her education, she would like to study the ways of photographing landscapes. Nature shots are her favorite because there are so many aspects of life to be captured.

“My dream place to take pictures would be Paris. I have gotten so many beautiful pictures from France so I would love to go back.”  Iwanski said. She also enjoys the Eiffel Tower because of the twinkling lights at night and how iconic the building is.

Iwanski loves to photograph the world through her perspective and will continue to take pictures as well as grow as a photographer.