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Saying Goodbye

IMG_2593Morgan Eminhizer had a great life, but one day her family received a letter that would change her life.

Eminhizer is a sophomore and will be graduating in 2018. She loves to read and learn especial in World History. She lives with her mom her brother and dog.

Last Christmas her family received a letter saying that her dad would be getting deployed over to Fort Bliss, Texas, in February 2015.

“I was very heart broken when my dad told me that he was going away,” Eminhizer said.

From that point on she spent every moment she could with her dad. “My dad and and I, we are as close as we could be with him being gone a lot.”

February slowly caught up to them and it was time for Eminhizer to tell her best friend goodbye.

“Fear is something that is a very large part of my life,” Eminhizer said.

She worried about never being able to see her father again. To try to get her mind off of her dad being away she started to read, a lot.

“My mom introduced me to the Harry Potter series to try to get my mind off of my dad,” Eminhizer said.

She was hooked on the Harry Potter series ever since.

Today Morgan hopes that her father returns hopefully around Christmas time but for now sending notes and reading help her cope with the fact that her dad is gone.