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Progressing In Her Craft

By Willow Hart

IMG_2551-683x1024In the first game of the field hockey Conference Tournament, Carlee Lively made her way onto the pitch to play a team they had previously defeated 3-1, the Matoaca Warriors. Lively, along with her teammates, battled the Warriors until they were ultimately defeated in double overtime.

She then walks off the field for the last time of the season. According to Lively, this moment will live on forever in her mind, but it’s not associated with despair and tragedy. She took this experience and allowed it to shape her mind into the player she is today.

“I still wanted to play and it made me want to work harder and become better,” Lively said.

Beginning her field hockey career at the age of six, Lively has had to make many sacrifices such as having a limited amount of time to spend with friends and family. Although, she believes these sacrifices are worth it to be able to play the sport she loves and make meaningful memories. Her most fond memory was a championship game she played during only her third year of experience.

“I scored the winning goal. They put me on the coach’s shoulders and ran me around the field,” Lively said.

Lively’s future plans involve playing field hockey in college at Liberty University or Virginia Commonwealth University. To Carlee, this is not just a game to improve her skill on the field. It is a sport that has also helped discipline her life.

“Growing up, I have always been an independent person and not willing to ask others for help. Field hockey has taught me that you must work together as a team in order to succeed,” Lively said.