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New Staff:Ebony Gilchrist

Ebony Gilchrist, 2016
Ebony Gilchrist, 2016

By: Alexis Stewart 

Ebony Gilchrist was seven years old on February 23, 2006 when she experienced a life- altering event: when her new baby sister Abigail arrived.

Gilchrist and her dad rushed to the hospital when they were told that the baby had arrived. When the Gilchrist’s got to the hospital they went straight to the nursery window to see her baby sister for first time. Gilchrist was overwhelmingly excited to finally meet her sister.

She had to wait till her mom brought her sister home to hold her.

“When I held her, she looked right into my eyes,” Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist’s favorite moment from sister arrival was when she first saw that the nurse had put her sister hair in a Mohawk.

Gilchrist’s and her sister still maintain a strong bond today.

“Me and my little sister are really close,” Gilchrist said. “We have a great relationship with each other, even though she gets on my nerves because she acts like a little diva sometimes.”

Gilchrist has learned an important life lesson from her little sister.

“[You have to] watch your back at all times,” Gilchrist said. “You never know what your sibling will do to you.”