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New Staff: Ryan Albright

Ryan Albright jumps to catch the volleyball. Photo contributed by Ryan Albright.

By: Reeve Ashcraft

Sophomore Ryan Albright sits in the locker room with a focused look on his face, waiting for the moment that he and the rest of his teammates can run out onto the court and conquer another victory for the team. With his headphones in and his game face on, he begins strategizing everything from set plays to proper positioning. With green and gold pride shining on the inside and out, the team takes the court and begins the journey to another win.

Albright is a second-year starter for the Prince George Varsity Volleyball team. Even though being one of the younger players on varsity, he has never let age define his abilities.

“It’s a great feeling to be a returning varsity player when you’re only a sophomore. You already have a year of experience under your belt and are already used to the hard hits and serves,” Albright said.

Crediting his inspiration to start playing to his brother, who was a former 1st team all-district player himself, Albright hopes to continue the legacy.

“He kind of forced me into it at first, but it’s not like I didn’t want to play. I had embraced what I had to do or become to not only continue his legacy, but to also make my own,” Albright said.

Along with being a star on the court, Albright excels academically and hopes to attend a good college and possibly play volleyball collegiately.

“One of my biggest short term goals is to play volleyball at a Division 1 college. It probably won’t happen, but that’s what I would love to do, especially for a big name school. Although in the end it doesn’t matter if it’s Division 1, 2, or 3, it’s still college volleyball,” Albright said.

Albright has high expectations for the remainder of the season and is looking into the future with bright aspirations.

“The team we have this year is far more consistent then we’ve had in past years, whether by hitting, passing, or serving. I expect us to be one of the three seeds in the conference. As far as next year goes, I want to continue to grow and become more consistent as a team and as a player,” Albright said.