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New Staff: Ronald Dayvault

Ronnie Dayvault, 2016
Ronnie Dayvault, 2016

By: Hydeia Nutt

Junior Ronald Dayvault traveled to Florida for vacation in 2012, when he was fifteen years old. Dayvault went with his father, brother, aunts, uncles, cousin, and his dad’s best friend’s son. They went to visit their family living in Florida who were also on vacation.  Dayvault spent two weeks in Florida and enjoyed his time with his family.

Dayvault and his family visited Universal Studies while they were in the area.

“Universal Studios was fun to me because it’s a big theme park,” Dayvault said. “There are three parts of Universal Studios- one is a water park, which was my favorite, the [second is] actual Universal Studio, and another part is just for kids.”

Dayvault also was excited to see the Shamoo Show.

“Although I sat in the back, I [still] had fun just watching the show and interacting with the animals,” Dayvault said.  “On a scale of one through ten, I would give the show a nine.”

After the show, Dayvault and his family drove back to their beach house.

“We dropped our stuff off, left, and went sight-seeing around Orlando,” Dayvault said. “I also palyed basketball until they kicked us out of the court at 11 P.M. because it was too late to be out there.”

Though Dayvault enjoyed himself very much while he was in Florida with his family and it was a great experience for him, doing more than visiting is not an option for him.

“Living in Florida is not something I would think about,” Dayvault said. “There is too much traffic, it is very hot and humid, and it is too crowded [for me].”