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New Staff: Reeve Ashcraft

Reeve Ashcraft, 2015
Reeve Ashcraft, 2015

By: Nathan Williams

Reeve Ashcraft took his first steps  into Prince George High School on September 3rd, 2013. He did not shy away from making friends and instantly embraced the Royal spirit carried around the school.

Moving from his hometown in Caroline County, Virginia, Ashcraft left behind an assortment of friends and memories with the hopes of making new ones.

“Leaving Caroline was tough, but I’m ready to start fresh in Prince George,” Ashcraft said.

Ashcraft was amazed how the teachers greeted him to the school since he was new. They show a lot of pride in what they do for the school and students. Walking through the hallways he has more here in Prince George with 7 minutes than 4 minutes at Caroline County. The hallways are less crowded and there are less fights.

“The spirit for the sports teams here are different. Everyone takes pride and joy in football.  Win or lose they defend all of their sports team when people put them into doubt,” Ashcraft said.

Ashcraft is a proud member of the school’s golf team this year and is glad to be a part of the Royal family.

“I am excited to finish my high school career here in the great city of Prince George,” Ashcraft said.

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