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New Staff: Madison Strang

Madison Strang, 2016
Madison Strang, 2016

By: Travis Temple

Pacing back and forth, Madison Strang anxiously awaited news from the officials in the Thomas Dale locker room, rain and sweat dripping from her face. Strang still had jitters from the first five minutes of the big game and all she wanted to do was get back on the field. Her heart raced as the referees entered in the locker room and when they gave everyone the go-ahead to get back on the soccer pitch, she was euphoric.

 Strang’s hometown of Prince George was playing the Thomas Dale Knights on this particular afternoon and the weather was inclement. Rain poured down all day and she was worried that they would have to cancel the match. The game started as scheduled and the rivalry between the two teams made it especially exciting for Strang and her team.

 “The team had an intense amount of energy and we wanted to win badly,” Strang said. “There’s a big rivalry between us and Thomas Dale and we just wanted to win more than they did.”

The Prince George Royals led an offensive drive in the fifth minute of the game to score a crucial goal. Shortly after this, the referees noticed lightning in the distance and had to call off the game for the time being. Strang waited in the locker room for the mandatory 30 minutes and got to go back on the field. The Royals held off Thomas Dale to win the game 1-0. Moments like these are what Strang lives for.

“I started playing soccer when I was six and kept playing because of the adrenaline,” Strang said. “I also really enjoy getting close with a team and having chemistry with them.”

Strang plays soccer for her school team as well as for a travel soccer program so it takes up a large part of her life. She still finds time to keep up with her studies and enjoy other activities, though. Some of her other interests include writing, socializing, and watching sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys play.

“I don’t want to be a one-sided person,” Strang said. “I believe in being well-rounded and enjoying everything life has to offer.”













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