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New Staff: Kadera Brown

Kadera Brown, 2014
Kadera Brown, 2014

Kadera Brown is a junior at Prince George High School, a member of the TRN media staff for the 2013-2014 school year, and a true Los Angeles Lakers fan.

“The reasons the Lakers are my favorite team are because they have a great franchise, a great championship history, and great players that could possibly be future hall of famers and they can’t have a team without a great coaching staff,” Brown said.

Brown can name every single player that has played on the Lakers.

 “The Los Angeles Lakers have had a great team in the past when they had Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom on the same team. They haven’t had a championship material team since that year,” Brown said.
The Lakers last won the championship in the 2010-2011 season.

“I was very proud to have a team like the Lakers win the championship. The Lakers were a great team and it’s a great accomplishment for them to win the championship,” Brown said.

Brown is not happy with how the Lakers’ season went this past year. First with Kobe Bryant getting injured, and the team basically focuses around Kobe Bryant, he is mainly the team captain. When Kobe got injured that is when the season started spiraling down.

“I think once Kobe gets back the team will begin to win championships again,” Brown said. “When Kobe broke his ankle I felt like the season was over. Since the team really revolves around Kobe the season was over for the Lakers.”

Brown has been a Lakers fan her whole life. She remembers watching the games as a kid. Brown confesses to being a die-hard Lakers fan.

“I will live my life as a Lakers fan and die as a Lakers Fan,” Brown said.

Brown hopes that the Lakers will have a great season and that they win some more championships.

“Let’s go Lakers and Kobe, hurry and come back, so we can get hype and win the championship,” Brown said.