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New Staff: Hydeia Nutt

Hydeia Nutt, 2016
Hydeia Nutt, 2016

By: Kadera Brown 

Sophomore Hydeia Nutt hurriedly gets ready for her usual routine of going jump roping with her friends.  It’s a beautiful day in Philadelphia, kids are running up and down the street and music is playing loudly from the block party not too far away.  The street corners and local stores are crowded with sweat-gleaming faces.  And despite the horrific traffic, and blaring cop sirens, Nutt is ready to enjoy the day ahead.

Nutt, a Philadelphia native, moved to Prince George, Virginia when she was just 10 years old.  Relocating due to decreased conditions in Philadelphia was definitely hard.

“It was really bad in Philly, and my mom wanted a better lifestyle for us,” Nutt said.

Transition of scenery really had a share of affects on the Philadelphia native.  One major difference Nutt noticed immediately was the rural quality of Prince George County.

“I came here and it was really nothing. In Philly all I saw were bright lights and city blocks,” Nutt said.

Activity planning was altered tremendously and Nutt quickly found that out.  Jump roping and neighborhood block parties suddenly became extinct.  As Nutt described it, “There was absolutely nothing to do here in Prince George.”

However, the Philadelphia native didn’t find it all bad here in the county.  The school dress code was something she actually enjoyed.

“In Philadelphia, we had to wear uniforms everyday to school so when I came here, I loved the fact that I didn’t have to anymore,” Nutt said.

The rural county has also helped Nutt learn to value a little more “quiet-time.”  Coming from a busy city to a county of stillness was a great learning experience for Nutt.

“In Philly, it was always so busy, when I moved here PG was the complete opposite,” Nutt said.

After living in the rural county for about 6 years now, Nutt is finding it to be home.  She has made friends and has had a great overall school experience.

“Prince George is coming around to me and I’ve met a lot of people that I’m thankful for,” Nutt said.