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New Staff: Hannah Zuloaga

Hannah Zuloaga, 2016
Hannah Zuloaga, 2016

By: Qadirah Monroe

Restlessly sitting in the humid backseat once again, she’s starring out of the window. The black and white pavement outside of the window moves fast. She is off to live in a new place, a new state. Destination: Virginia.

Originally from Texas, Hannah Zuloaga has lived in states such as Kansas, North Carolina, and is currently living in Virginia. Right now, she stays with her mother, two sisters, and little brother. 15 years old, she is currently a sophomore at Prince George High School.

A military child, Zuloaga has had to move from place to place. Though she enjoys seeing new places, moving around has its downfalls.

“It really sucks, especially when you’ve made a lot of new friends… you just have to leave again,” Zuloaga said.

Zuloaga and her family still make time to go back to the state they call home, good ol’ Texas.

“My favorite place that I have lived in has definitely been El Paso, Texas,” Zuloaga said.

Outside of the country, Zuloaga has visited family in Mexico. Along with seeing her family, she has gotten a taste of her all time favorite food.

 “I love tacos. The best are the home cooked, authentic Mexican ones,” Zuloaga said.

Though she has been all over the country, Zuloaga has never taken a ride on a plane. She is no stranger to the long, hot, dreary car rides that come along with traveling. When she is at home, Zuloaga can be caught doing her favorite hobby: “Sleeping!” She is a big sap for a good love story and a girly-girl who loves the color pink and doing hair.

After graduating, Zuloaga wants to fulfill her interest in hair and beauty by going to cosmetology school. She also plans on attending an university after graduating high school.

 “I really want to attend College of William and Mary. I’m going to do my four-year studies there, and then I’m going to go to medical school to become a doctor,” Zuloaga said.