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New Staff: Alexis Stewart

Ashli Stewart, 2016

By: Ebony Gilchrist

On August 25, 2006, Alexis Stewart was going on her first airplane ride. She was going to Georgia with her mother and older sister. Stewart was nervous at first, but then she calmed down.

Stewart and her family were flying to see her mom’s best friend. Her mom wanted them to experience their first plane ride. Stewart was excited, but she wasn’t rushing the ride. She was relaxed.

“I definitely wanted to get on an airplane again!” Stewart said.

Three years later, she got the chance to get on another airplane.

“I was going to Orlando, Florida. We went to Universal Studios, and we saw the Magic Kingdom,” John said. “The pilot didn’t tell us we were landing. I thought I was going to die, because the plane started shaking! I grabbed my mom and my sister. My sister looked terrified, and my mom was very sick,” Stewart said.

After her airplane ride she learned a few lessons.

“Stay calm, sit back, enjoy the ride, and you might want to close your eyes. Lifting off is scary. You also might want to bring your own food. Otherwise you will starve the whole trip,” Stewart said.