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Girl Basketball Profiles

Danielle Hannusksela

By Unique Larry

After a tiring  17th birthday of hard work including all of her classes and basketball practice, Danielle Hannuksela collapsed on her bed and tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Before she could close her eyes her mother ran into the room with an interest letter from the University of North Carolina and wokes her up. Hannuksela was overjoyed to have received such an honor. She was ecstatic and could not wait to show her coaches.

“You could say it was one of my best birthday presents, I was shocked that all my hard work was noticed and was paying off,” Hannuksela said.

All of this started when Cancino, a caring coach in the 7th grade, suggested that she try out for basketball because of her height.

”I felt like I stood out from everyone else and he saw something that I didn’t.”

Hannuksela and her family were very happy that she decided to take advantage of the situation and continued to play, making varsity in the 9th grade. Although Cancino helped to nudge her on her way, Hannuksela’s most prominent person in her life is her mother.

“My mom is definitely the most influential person in my life, I saw how her mom would not let her follow her dreams and my mom does everything she can to allow me  to follow mine.”

Now Hannuksela plays forward and center for the girls basketball team. Practicing everyday and occasionally on the weekends, excluding the days that she has games.

“I don’t think anyone expected basketball to take me this far but I don’t regret a minute of time I put into it.”

In the future Hannuksela hopes to go to college, majoring in radiology and then going on to become a radiologist. Breaking  bones as a child, is what sparked her interest in radiology.

“I am very interested in what is under our skin, It seems like something I would love waking up everyday to do.”

Diana Owens

By Michael Winn

As Diana Owens stood at the foul line, up by two, she knew that her team was about to do something great. They were about to win a first round regional playoff game.

Owens thinks back to when her basketball career began, about seven long, event filled, years ago. When her brother and her dad, started her on her basketball journey by putting a basketball in her hands. As a guard for the team, she awaits another game to start, another possible victory, she listens to her favorite music like Drake and Trey Songz, eats a fruit roll up, and prays for a win.

“My personal goal for this year is to get a scholarship and get into either Mason, East Carolina, or High Point, so I can hopefully keep going with basketball once I get in.”

She hopes to one day be like her favorite female player, Sue Bird.

“She’s the greatest point guard in the Women’s National Basketball Association. LeBron James is my favorite basketball player, he is basically the best player to come after Michael Jordan,” Owens said.

She loves the intensity that comes with playing basketball, usually scoring about ten points per game. The only other female member of her family to have played is her aunt. Living by her personal favorite quotes that she always repeats to herself before, during, and after every game: “When you fall down, get back up”, and to always just “Hold on to your dreams”.

Dazhane Myler

By Ridhi Patel

Sophomore Dazhane Myler was five years old when she began dribbling her small ball down to her little basketball hoop ready to shoot. It all started that day when her cousin saw her playing and told her mom to sign Myler for basketball. She knew that from that moment on she wanted to grow up and become a professional player.

She was inspired to play by Kobe Bryant and Maya Moore and her favorite team the Lakers. Every time Myler is on the court she is looking forward to scoring a basket for team, maybe even the winning basket. She has scored an average of 10 points a game.

“It was so exciting when I scored a point,” Myler said.

Now Myler plays on the varsity team as a Lady Royal. She is number 23 and her position on the team is to guard.

“We practice for two hours Monday through Friday,” Myler said.

They work hard and practice hard so they can do their best. After all the practice and work they put there head in the game and give it all they got.

“I spend all my free time at home playing basketball” Myler said.

“Follow your heart and dream you can become what ever you want.” Myler said.

Roselani Robinson

By Kimberly Edmonds-Best

Senior Roselani “Rosie” Robinson, or number 34 on the basketball court puts a lot of effort into practice. She doesn’t love just practice though. She loves how they have become a family through it all.

Wanting to peruse other dreams, Robinson thinks about making basketball her profession.

“I first watched the movie Love & Basketball and that is when I became interested in doing this,” Robinson said.

Robinson plays more then one position. She plays forward and center.

Robinson does foresee herself playing basketball in the near future in college but after that she is not sure.

“I don’t know; it is a hard question. I guess if I dedicate myself enough I might be able to do it,” RObinson said. “I don’t know if I want to play that long.”

Robinson also believes her relationship with her teammates is not only on the court, but off too.

“Now our team is closer then ever; it’s like we’re a family. Every time before a game we always boost each other up. We pray before a game, and sometimes we even hang-out at other places,” Robinson said.

Never-the-less Robinson has the spirit of liveliness out on the basketball court, encouraging her team as well as her teammates pushing her to keep going, and continuing to move forward.

Robinson believes young girls can accomplish their dreams.

“No matter what other people might say keep your head up because if you have heart you can go a long way.”

Zhane Umpierre

By Tasia Faulcon

It was halftime and the varsity girls were just realizing that they could win this game against one of the toughest teams in the region, Meadowbrook.

“We were neck-in-neck with them and we tried our hardest. It was probably the best we played all season,” said Zhane Umpierre, varsity girls basketball player.

This was Umpierre’s most exciting part of the season so far.

“We were really surprised and Meadowbrook didn’t know know we were that good,” Umpierre said.

Unfortunately the Lady Royals basketball team didn’t win that game, but coming so close means that they are a really great team and that they work hard.

Zhane Umpierre plays forward most of the time in games for the varsity Lady Royals basketball team and she is number 14. She has been playing basketball since she was about six years old. Umpierre has been on a school team since seventh grade and played recreation basketball before that.

Umpierre is constantly playing basketball so it dramatically affects her life. She plays at the gym outside of school about three times a week. Umpierre does not want to play it in college and does not see it as a career but she loves playing basketball and thinks its really fun.

Umpierre dedicates a great deal of her time to playing basketball for practice and to work on her game. She loves it because it gives her something to do and she gets to spend lots of time with her friends who are also on the basketball team.

Umpierre’s mom is the person who really got her involved in the world of basketball. “My mom wanted me to be involved in all sports and made me play everything and I just loved basketball the most,” Umpierre said.