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Dancing From Start To Finish

IMG_2570As Madison Foster walks into the dance studio, she thinks back to the first time she saw the big black, white, and purple logo with Gotta Dance written across it. At the age of four Foster first started taking tap and ballet lessons.

“Every time I heard music I would dance, so my mom was like alright let’s put you in dance,” Foster said.

Foster has been dancing for 11 years now. Gotta Dance has become her second home and her fellow dancers have become more like family.

“We all know each other in our classes, we are basically like one big team,” Foster said.

Taking four classes at Gotta Dance and being a full time student can be hard to juggle, with having to remember dance routines and homework.

“I try to balance homework and dance by doing as much as I can during and right after school,” Foster said.

To add to school and dance Madison helps assist with teaching little kids on Monday after school, which brings her back to when she first started dancing.

“I do it because I love watching little kids grow as dancers,” Foster said.

Over the years she has found what inspires her to continue after so many years,” Foster said. “I think I can just get lost in a dance routine like it expresses your feelings and whether you are happy or sad you can make up a dance to it, and just lose yourself.”

Madison would like to major in the performing art of dance in college.

“I would love to major in dance at college because it would increase my knowledge. Everyone teaches differently so I would also learn different styles,” said Foster.

Madison’s long term goal is to open her own dance studio and teach the new generation about her love for dance.