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Coleman Is Master Of Music

IMG_0331By Jacob Wood

He writes rap songs in his free time. He once wrote a piece that his cousin checked out. He stood there thinking that it would be downright awful, but when he glanced at his cousin he saw that he was actually enjoying reading it. His cousin said that the lyrics were dope.

Wayne Coleman is the boy who wrote those lyrics. He is a sophomore at Prince George High School, and an expert on the subject of music.

Some people will listen to music using their phone’s internal speakers, but Coleman takes it a step further.

Coleman doesn’t play an instrument, however he does enjoy editing and revamping music. This makes him more of a behind-the-scenes artist.  He also writes his own rap lyrics. He just doesn’t have the confidence to rap in front of more than one person yet.

Wayne’s favorite genres of music include rock and hip hop.  He doesn’t have a favorite song, but if he had to pick then it would be Bring me the Horizon. 

“It’s just this one song that had me hooked,” Coleman said.

Coleman hopes to be able to rap in front of his peers at some point. Since his cousin reviewed his rap lyrics, he’s already gained the courage to rap in front of individuals.

Maybe Coleman will be a professional rapper and songwriter someday.  

“I will after high school, possibly” said Coleman.