Policy on Comments


TRNWIRED.org staff members shall proceed in the following manner in regards to how it handles comments made on the site.
Comments from readers are a very valuable aspect of the work done through the TRNWIRED.org site. They provide immediate feedback to our staff members and can increase the public forum that our publication seeks to provide.
It is our editorial responsibility to monitor content that is provided in the form of comments. Much like other professional sites, there is the expectation that some comments may be unsuitable for public viewing. In such cases those posts will be removed. Staff members should alert the online editors of comments made and why a comment may be too offensive to remain on our site.
Online editors have the power to remove any and all unsuitable comments. This does not include comments that simply disagree with a point made in an article, or an opinion given in an opinion piece. When a comment is removed it is required that the comment be printed and maintained on file for reference. This is especially important in the case of threats that may have been made.
Other sites, such as the Washington Post, have removed posts when items such as race and personal attacks are made. We will practice this same response. Our primary task will still be to preserve the ‘comments’ aspect of our site, yet remove posts when deemed necessary.
The ability to comment encourages people to respond to the facts our staff presents. In some cases our facts may be challenged. In some cases our ideas may be challenged. In most scenarios the ‘comments’ section is one that will always be a very valuable tool to increase the flow of ideas and the freedom of speech for our readers.

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