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Spears-Heinel Begins Dream Career

Matt Spears-Heinel setting up shop in A-18.
Matt Spears-Heinel setting up shop in A-18.

Nervousness fills each and every staff member racing through the halls to accomplish their to-do lists for the new school year.

Among the bustling hallways, a few friendly faces stick out more than others this year.

New World History II and Economics and Personal Finance teacher, Matt Spears-Heinel, is starting off his first year at the high school, and his first year teaching, with high hopes and excitement.

“My goals for this year are to have fun and learn as much as I can [about the students] and to make sure my students learn along with me,” Spears-Heinel said. 

Beginning his journey as a teacher at William & Mary University, Spears-Heinel majored in history and earned his masters degree in education with a social studies endorsement.

“[The social studies endorsement] means that I’m authorized to teach a whole range of subjects, like history to economics,” Spears-Heinel said.

Like many other teachers finding a location to pursue their passion is a key factor in the job itself. Spears-Heinel attended a job fair at his university and found exactly what he was looking for here in Prince George.

“The people I met from Prince George were the most friendly and welcoming people,” Spears-Heinel said, “I was more than happy to accept an offer when I got one.”

This being Spears-Heinel’s first year teaching he is aware of possible mishaps but is ready for whatever comes his way.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher for so long that I want to make sure I do everything right,” Spears-Heinel, “It will be okay if I mess up as long as I learn and my students learn then I don’t see an issue.”

For Spears-Heinel, this new year brings fresh experiences and happy moments with the first students of his dream career.

“I’d most like my students to know that I care about their learning and I’m willing to go the extra mile for them,” Spears-Heinel said.

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