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New Government Teacher Faces New Challenges


Walking up and down the halls of A wing, a new teacher struggles to find their classroom before her students sit in their seats.

Old Dominion University graduate and Government teacher, Jacilyn Gutzmer, is new to the Prince George high school family. A fun fact about Gutzmer is that her husband, who is a Prince George high school alumni, had a part in her decision to teach at Prince George. Gutzmer shares that she wants to spread her enjoyment of government with others.

“I used to work in Public and Government Affairs. I find Government and current affairs fascinating,” Gutzmer said. “I am excited to share my experiences and engage students.”

Gutzmer states that her favorite part about teaching is the students and she also prefers teaching seniors.

“The kids. I like teaching seniors who are about to embark on the world,” Gutzmer said.

Being a new teacher Gutzmer indicates that she is excited to help push students to learn the importance of government.

“I am most excited to give students the tools to be educated citizens who can understand what they are voting for and how to be civically engaged,” Gutzmer said. “I am most nervous about the rowdy kids who disrupt the classroom.”

Being a new teacher in a new school can be difficult for some. Gutzmer wants to share her knowledge and ideas about government this year with students who want to learn from her. Gutzmer shares one of her goals she wants to accomplish by the end of the year.

“To survive!” Gutzmer said. “And not get discouraged by people who are not excited to be here.”

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