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New English Teacher Kindall Stevenson Brings Excitement To Learning


As new English teacher Kindall Stevenson enters her classroom on the first day of school, she gets her “bullhorn” ready for lecturing.

Stevenson, a Royals graduate, has come back to where she went to school full of energy and excitement to teach her new kids. She has developed a new teaching style in getting to know her kids.

“I come in every morning and ask my kids to tell me something that I don’t know,” Stevenson said. “Maybe like a current event and I use a bullhorn. They really love it and get into it.”

Before accepting the job to teach English, Stevenson got her bachelor’s degree from Longwood University and majored in English. She then went on to the University of Virginia in which she got her masters.

Following that, she worked as the director of communications for a non-profit in Richmond with kids in need. The non-profit is dedicated to foster care and is called People Places.

Now that Stevenson has accepted the job here in Prince George, she teaches English 12 with co-teacher, Leas Hamilton. She now has completed her first week as a teacher and sets her eyes on what she hopes the kids will accomplish by the end of the year.

“To do well on their SOL’s (Standards of Learning test), have some fun and not hate English when they leave my class,” Stevenson said.

Every teacher sets a goal for their kids to pass their SOL’s, but not every teacher brings the energy Stevenson brings into the classroom.

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