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Student Government Association Gets Fresh Ideas From Virginia Student Council Association Conference

Students gather at the Virginia Student Council Association convention in Newport News. Photo by Marcia Edmundson.

From March 22nd to the 24th, Prince George High School took students to the 93rd annual VSCA convention. VSCA, Virginia Student Councils Association, is a leadership organization that provides students with the opportunity to practice the citizenship skills necessary to participate in democratic society. The convention consists of workshops, committee meetings, and regional meetings.

This year, Prince George High School Student Government Association advisor, Marcia Edmundson took fourteen students to the convention. Edmundson has been the advisor for the organization since the summer of 2012.

“​I took over as advisor…after Mr. Nelson was promoted to assistant principal,” Edmundson said.

Prince George High School has been the president school, vice-president school, secretary school for VSCA in the past. Senior Emily Whitehead is currently the Region One representative for the convention.

“Our students have been participating at the state level advisory committee for a long time. In 2016 I was awarded Advisor of the Year honor by VSCA,” Edmundson said.

Coming back from the convention with new ideas, participants are excited to share their ideas.

Junior class senator Ashley Thacker went to VSCA and was able to take away information to help better enhance the SGA organization. She enjoyed hearing about how different schools run their SGA programs.

“[I learned about] more technology enhanced things. For example, when we sign in, it would all be on a computer instead of calling role every time,” Thacker said.

Thacker was not the only one that took away valuable information. Edmundson learned new strategies for running elections and structuring the officers board.

Edmundson’s favorite part of being advisor has been the relationships she has built with the student leaders.

“Many of them are involved throughout their high school careers and it’s great to see how they grow as student leaders and as people,” Edmundson said.

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