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FCA Toy Drive Brings Joy to Local Community


A teddy bear collecting dust in a closet could mean the world to a child in the James House. Students have the chance to make a monumental impact in the local community by donating to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ toy drive.

The first toy drive in FCA history will be held from now until December 18th. Donation boxes are located throughout the commons, near wing doors, and in front of the main office. Donations will be going to a local charity. 

“Toys are going to the James House. The James House is a shelter for women and children who are on the run or are trying to get away from abuse,” Gensler said.

The James House offers support groups, safety planning, emergency shelter, children recovery programs, and case management services.

Donation ideas include stuffed animals, small toy cars, dolls, children’s books, legos, board games, sport balls, puzzles, baby toys, coloring utensils, and action figures. The age range to keep in mind when giving towards the drive would be toys for one to twelve year old children.

FCA president Gensler believes a toy drive will help the local community unite for a good cause and spread the club’s message of good works.

“The purpose of FCA is to reach out and help the schools, and try to be missionaries within the schools,” Gensler said. “So, this year we wanted to get more involved in the community and the school, and thought a toy drive would be a good place to start.”

Information concerning the toy drive can be found on posters around the school. The Daily Ten will also announce updates and details about the toy drive.


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