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Harrison Sets Goals Outside of Learning


When Brittany Harrison first saw the opening for a teaching position at Prince George High School, she knew this was the right place. Not only with the students having full accreditation, but with the “administration doing so well” also.

“I have read up on the county and I saw that the students have been doing well with accreditation,” Harrison said. “The administration is doing well, so I want to be a part of that.”

She accepted the job offer and now co-teaches English 10. Growing up, Harrison always thought she would work with kids but she never thought she would be in the classroom.

Harrison graduated from Norfolk State University three years ago.

“Graduating college has been my most memorable moment in my life,” Harrison said.

She attended high school in Emporia at Greensville County High School. Harrison has now settled down in Petersburg which is another big reason why she decided to come teach at Prince George.

“I wanted to be closer to home,” Harrison said. “I live in Petersburg so that makes Prince George High School closer to home.”

With Harrison now having one week under her belt as a teacher, she has nothing but praise for the students that are in her classes.

“Here at Prince George, the students are very respectful to me as a teacher,” Harrison said.

Once she decided to pursue the teaching career, she had one goal bigger than making her students succeed in her class.

“My goals are to reach my students not only on the education level, but on a personal level as well,” Harrison said. “To help them grow and to be aware of their surroundings is my main focus for this school year.”

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