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Artone Brings Passion, Patience To Classroom


Ashley Artone is not your normal history teacher. Artone, a military spouse, is new to the county. Though she has only been a teacher for three years, she has the passion of a wise teacher taking on her fiftieth year of teaching.

A native of Front Royal, Virginia, Artone majored in political science and decided later to enter the field of teaching. With a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s from George Mason University, Artone has been assigned to teach her subject of choice: Virginia and U.S. History. Her passion for these subjects began at an early age.

“Growing up in Virginia, history is something you’re sort of pushed with and instilled with,” Artone said. “I love history, [and] I love government.”

In addition to teaching history, Artone works as a learning specialist.

“I enjoy working with students of every shape, size, and need,” Artone said. “I think every student should learn, so I’m here to help provide that support.”

While Artone is technically the teacher, sometimes the students like to offer their voice and she must listen. The most important virtue she has learned so far, she says, is patience.

“I feel like [patience is] a good life lesson for anything you do,” Artone said.

Though she has travelled across the country and taught at different schools, one thing has always remained the same. “I have always participated in graduation,” Artone said. “I always enjoy seeing that final moment of students walking across the stage and knowing that they’re off to do wonderful things in the world. That’s something that always sticks with me.”

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