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Student Teacher Strives To Inspire


Student teacher Skylar Ward arrived Monday, March 26th, for her first day of student teaching. Ward goes to Longwood University and applied for a teaching program and started her inspiring journey.

“It really prepares you well… we have so many steps that can get annoying because it’s like a hoop to jump through,” Ward said. ”In the long run it really prepares us.”

Ward applied for the teaching program during her sophomore year of college and is now doing one of the steps it takes to become a teacher.

One of the many steps that student teachers have to take to become a teacher is sit in with or shadow a current teacher. Ward is shadowing teacher Sabine Labossiere, the Honors World History II teacher, who has been working at the high school for 17 years.

Like Labossiere, Ward also enjoys history and has chosen to major in it.

“I want to tell people about it. I want to express my love for it and help people get excited for it cause I know a lot of people aren’t interested in it. I want to make it come alive,” Ward said.

Ward’s inspiration, unsurprisingly, rests upon her former Government teacher and her supervisor who oversees her progress during the five weeks of student teaching.

“He is the best human ever. I admire him so much – he’s so smart and he’s a wonderful teacher, and a great person,” Ward said.


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