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Senior Spotlight With Christian Chappel


What got you interested in playing ball?

Well, my uncle put a basketball in my hand ever since I was three, and I’ve loved it ever since. So I’d say my uncle.

What has been your favorite part of the season so far?

Probably the bus rides home after we win. Those would probably be the most memorable.

What are some things you’re doing as a senior leader so the younger players will be prepared?

Being vocal. If a young or new guy asks coach about plays that they don’t understand, I try to help them out and let them get the hang of it, so if we run it in game it will be successful.

What are your goals after high school?

Hopefully to play college basketball and end up playing either overseas or pro. If that doesn’t work out I’d still want to be involved in sports, so I’d try to be a physical therapist or sports analyst.

Goals for the team for the rest of the season?

To win and get as far as possible.

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