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No Name-Calling Week Celebrated By GSA


The gut wrenching embarrassment of being called out for differences is over. Awareness of differences and understanding is spreading and gaining support every day.

“No Name-Calling Week” is meant to support people in the minority. People with different genders or sexuality’s.

“No name calling week is to put yourself out there and not be ashamed of yourself and to hopefully to get others to support you,” vice president of the GSA Max Heyliger said.

“Did you know that 78% of LGBTQ students in the United States were not taught positive representations about LGBTQ people, history, or events in their schools?” Gay Straight Alliance sponsor Catherine Beasley said.

This week is dedicated to improve the lives of the people who need it most.

“45% of LGBT youth have experienced cyber bullying, 25% more than once,” Beasley said. “33% report sexual harassment online, which is four times higher than the experience of other students.”

The LGBTQ community has been attacked harassed for their “differences” for years. They have been verbally and physically attacked.

This week is a call to action. Action of acceptances from people of all genders and sexual identities.

“It is important to embrace who you are And learn to love yourself and find others who accept who you are,” Heyliger said.

Beasley asks everyone to sign the pledge to celebrate differences and spread awareness. Most importantly spread the kindness.

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