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Why Did They Leave? Twenty Seniors Spend Their Last Year At Richard Bland College


During the cold months of January and February students begin the planning process of scheduling classes for the following year. When juniors begin to think about their options, one choice is paying tuition at Richard Bland College and finishing their final year of high school off campus. This year twenty seniors made the choice to leave Prince George and finish high school at RBC.

1. Why did you choose to go to Richard Bland College for your senior year?
Isabella Bennett: I chose Richard Bland because my parents went there and I wanted to get a head start on col- lege classes.

Chad Balch: I personally chose the route to go to Richard Bland simply enough to get a head start on college and experience a new environment. I enjoyed the high school, but I wanted to seek a schedule that would allow me to put more hours into my job and force me to adapt to the demanding college life.

Dylan Carden: I decided to go to Bland my senior year because I wanted to be able to further my understanding of college life and increase my chances of succeeding in college.

Peyton Glazier: I chose to go to RBC my senior year because the high school doesn’t offer any classes that benefit my future and I didn’t want to spend my senior year taking a bunch of random electives.

Jakob Kennedy: I chose to go to Bland because I wanted to get a majority of my core college classes taken care off so I could focus on my specific major wherever I go.

Megan LaValley: chose to go to Rich- ard Bland for my senior year so I could get a head start on my college career. Combining my senior year of high school and freshman year of college will eliminate a year of school, but still provides all the criteria I need for my education.

Carlee Lively: I chose to go to Bland because it was an opportunity to take all dual enrollment classes. It will spread out my college workload and I could possible graduate a 4 year school in 3 now.

Maddison Quesenberry: I chose to go to Richard Bland so I can start my college years early to get them over with.

Justin Spates: I chose to go to Richard Bland College for my senior year because I wanted to get a jump start on my college career, as well as get most of my general education courses out of the way so I can focus on my major in a four year institution.

Brady Taylor: I chose to go to Richard Bland for my senior year because I believe it was an incredible experience and that I am able to excel in my stud- ies that would benefit me in my future college.

2. What do you think you are going to gain from going to Richard Bland College?

IB: I’m learning a lot about how college classes work and it’s preparing me for when I go away next year. I’ve learned how to manage my time and be more organized with all the work that I have from school and extracurricular.

CB: In terms of doing the Dual Enrollment program and its benefits, it gives me an advantage over many students. Most colleges seek students that are challenging themselves with classes and know that they can succeed in a tough atmosphere. Attending Bland for my senior year not only helps me get use to the environment and prove to colleges that I’m a hardworking student, but it also completely acts as my freshman year in college, and hopefully allowing me to graduate with a bachelor’s degree early.

DC: I think I will gain valuable lessons on what it is like to take college classes and also enhance my study habits.

PG: I believe I’m gaining a better under- standing of material I’m being taught and I’m getting a year ahead of college which is good for me because I’ll be in school for a while.

JK: Bland will put me a certain num- ber of credits ahead of the game so I will likely graduate from college a year early.

ML: I will gain the knowledge of being more responsible. In my opinion, being a college student is a lot more stressful than being a high school student. You have to keep up with certain dates and manage to keep up with multiple classes at once.

CL: I have already gained more understanding of a college workload. My time management is a lot better because it has to be. College is not as hard as they say if you schedule times to study and stay on top of your work. I gained a mini college experience since I’m still at home and close to family and friends.

MQ: I think I will gain mostly the first year of college will be done and I am already starting my college experience.

JS: I will overall gain a cheaper and better education because my student to teacher ratio is better than what it would be in high school.

BT: I believe that I will gain college experience and that I will have many college credits under my belt.

3. How do you think this experience at Richard Bland is going to help you when furthering your college education?

IB: It will help me because I now know how to study and prepare for finals or how to take notes from lectures that are detailed to help me study.

CB: I will have edited my study habits and learned my potential during my senior year before most students obtain their diplomas. I certainly believe that choosing this route will help me in the future because I am keeping solid grades in all of my classes and have gotten used to the different amount of hours needed for success.

DC: I think it will help because it will help with my understanding of how to study in preparation for college ex- ams and also learn how to take notes in preparation for the exams.

PG: It’s helping me realize what it’s going to take to be a college student. Finals week isn’t a joke.

ML: The experience at Bland will help further my college education because it provides many transferable pro- grams. For instance, after I earn my associate’s degree, I am eligible for transferring to the Southside Professional School. There, it will help me get started on my career in the medi- cal field.

CL: Bland is going to help with whatever four year school I end up going to. The credits all transfer to all the schools I’m looking at, so I’ll basically

be done with my first year of college by the end of my senior year of high school.
MQ: I think being at RBC will help me in my further college career because I already have one foot in the door and I am one step ahead of the other stu- dents in my grade.

JS: This experience will be used as a stepping stone to a four year college. I am still able to live at home, as well as experience college level courses. This experience will make me better prepared for when I go away for college.

BT: I believe that it will prepare me for college and show me how professors are and the work that I will be given.

4. What do you miss the most about being in the high school?
IB: I miss my friends the most because now I don’t get to see them as much since we aren’t at the same school.

CB: The main asset about PGHS that I miss the most is seeing all of my old friends and feeling the high school mood.

DC: The thing I think I miss most about attending the high school is I don’t have the chance to connect with friends.

PG: Honestly, not much. I mean spirit week a little bit. I don’t regret anything about not going to the high school. My grades are great, I’m having fun with my friends, I have lots of time to work, and I love RBC. My senior year is going great.

JK: I miss the high school feeling the most, being able to walk down the hallways and say what’s up to someone and eating with everyone at lunch.

ML: What I miss most of all would have to be my friends. With me being at a different school, I don’t get to see them as often. It is also hard to hang out after class because of all the homework you have from your college classes.

CL: I miss Royals Media the most. I still see most of friends outside school but it’s the kids I never really knew well. At the high school you always see a familiar face, We’ve all been going to school together since elementary. I also miss my old teachers, I do not see them a lot but I still go to my favorites to seek advice about my future.

MQ: The thing I miss most about the high school would have to be the pep rally’s and spirit week.
JS: The thing I miss the most about the high school is being able to talk with my really close friends, but this experience has allowed me to meet new people and grow a better rela- tionship with the other people that are taking their senior year at Bland.

BT: I miss my friends most of all. It’s hard not being able to see your best friend but only on weekends and Fri- day afternoons.

5. What has been your overall ex- perience at Richard Bland College through your first semester?
IB: My first semester has been awe- some, I really like Richard Bland. All of my professors are great and I’ve learned a lot about those subjects and college in general.

CB: Through my first semester here at RBC, I have honestly enjoyed it much more than a regular senior year. I have been able to meet new people on campus and the class times are much more convenient considering I 100% created it. Overall, I would definitely recommend attending Richard Bland College to anyone that is considering it an option; it will not disappoint!

DC: My experience at Richard Bland so far has been amazing, I have had the chance to meet new people and also learn the cultures of other coun- tries, Along with that the classes are extremely interesting and di- verse.

PG: My overall experience has been great. I love my teachers and the edu- cation I’m getting from there. I’m hav- ing fun with the other kids that went to RBC and I’m learning how to do college. Everything has been great.

JK: Richard Bland has been the best choice I’ve made yet in my academic career through my first semester and would highly recommend it to any ris- ing seniors.

ML: My first experience at Bland was one I will never forget. Not only did it provide advanced knowledge, but it was also a fun journey to take. Bland has multiple events that hap- pen throughout the year, such as the haunted barn, Pecan Festival, etc.

CL: Although I do miss certain high school things, I do not regret Bland at all. I love the environment we learn in and all the new people I have met. I have my own schedule and I’m not weighed down with busy work or unnecessary things. Yes, college is stressful but I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to do it. I’m also grateful for my parents to let me do this expe- rience since each student has to pay full price for Bland. Other high schools who offer this pay a portion, if not all of it, but Prince George does not.

MQ: My overall experience has been very good, it can get a little stressful but in the end it is a great feeling to be done with all of your classes for the semester.

JS: My overall experience has been amazing, my favorite part is the amount of time in class (9:30-12:15) and I’ve been able to grow closer with the people that go there with me.

BT: Bland has been a great experience. I have learned so much about college and I have learned to work better on my own and use my time wisely. I have gotten through the first semester with all A’s and I believe that all the time that I put into study- ing and not into being in school all day helped a lot.

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