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Teen Toy Drive Supports Children Around Holidays


Prince George High School is holding its Fourth Annual Teen Toy Drive in honor of Quinlan Thomas.

“It started four years ago. My cousin’s son, Quinlan Thomas, he had leukemia and he passed away in August 2014,” librarian Allison Heath said. “And so I decided to do a teen oriented toy drive at the high school.”

The toy drive began this Mon., Nov. 27th and will last until Dec. 12th. They are accepting all sorts of items.

“We are looking for anything… fuzzy socks, nail polish, beauty products, DVDs, books, card games, coloring books,” Heath said. “I think it is important because so many groups do toy drives and everything is geared towards the little children, but I think a lot of times they forget about the teenagers.

The goal is to exceed last year’s donation of 1,000 items.

“It went really well last year and it all depends on student involvement,” Heath said. “This is all about you and what you decide you want to do.”

The deadline to donate is Tues., Dec. 12th. For more information check with the library, or any teacher who has a collection box.

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