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Winterson Begins Possible Final Year


Winterson Begins Possible Final Year from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

This may be the first school year for some teachers, but for chemistry teacher Mr. Winterson, this year may be his last.

“Before I started teaching, I wasn’t sure what this new generation was like, but as I’ve gotten to know them, I think they’re delightful,” said Mr. Winterson.

His former and current students share their great experiences from Mr. Winterson’s class.

“My favorite quality about Mr. Winterson is that even when we’re not working, we play around, but when we need to do work, he’s serious,” junior Mackenzie Pearce said.

“He’s willing to help you anytime, he’ll put is work aside just to make sure you are straight, whether it’s his subject or another subject,” junior Donovan Ford said.

“My goal that I want to accomplish while teaching is to get students to like chemistry, to think it’s an enjoyable subject and if they go on to college, they’ll be anxious to take it and they’ll be confident because we have covered the material,” Winterson said.

“In his chemistry class last year, we did a lot of labs with copper and other elements,” Micayla Perkins said.

“This is probably my last year teaching. I’m an old guy so my wife and I want to do some traveling and things. But i haven’t made a final decision,” Winterson said.

His current and former students described their feelings about his possible retirement.

“I think that would make me really sad,” Perkiins said.

“They’re gonna miss out on having him as a teacher,” Pearce said.

“He was a good man, I was hoping my sister was going to be able to have him,” Ford said.

Thankful that Mr. Winterson has opened up to us, PGHS will hate to see him leave the classroom, but hopefully the younger students will have the chance to have a great chemistry teacher.

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