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Francis Brings Passion To Teaching Biology


Kay Francis is the new biology teacher at Prince George High School. She is the only new addition to the science department, but one of 11 new faces of the entire staff.

Francis was born and raised in Dinwiddie, where she graduated and played soccer for about nine years. After she graduated Dinwiddie High School, she went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, where her major was physiology.

She says what inspires her to teach is the passion to help others love something as much as she does. She desires to spark the love for education in all the students she teaches.

“I just loved learning and I wanted to help other people love learning,” Francis said.

Her classes have given her a warm welcome in her first year of teaching. She says she is having a positive impact from the student body.

“I’ve had a positive impact, I’ve learned a lot from my students,” Francis said. “[Mostly] how to interact with students their age.”

She feels strongly about educating the student body, saying teaching is a vital resource to the people.

“It’s [the children are] our future,” Francis said.

As far as goals are concerned, Francis wishes to push her students to be their best, as well as better herself. Teaching can be a learning process, and through working with her students, she wishes to become a better educator, as well as become informed in her field to the best of her ability.

“I want to become a better teacher – one my students can connect with,” Francis said. “[I wish to] learn more about my content to teach my students in a better way.”

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