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Fort Lee Soldiers visit for Military Child Month


In support of April being the month of the military child. Four soldiers took the time to visit PG to share their thoughts on how their children cope with having to move around so sporadically.

“Before we have to move, we have an open honest conversation.” Maurice Dockery, one of the Fort Lee soldier stated. “It’s good to know what they have to say.”

Usually, military children don’t know how to approach their parents when it comes to moving away. Military children do not like having to leave their friends.

“Social media helps a lot,” Dockery said, “It’s hardest to watch the child cry.” Some children fear that they will never see their friends again.

While sometimes it may be true, others find it a reason to go back. Social media has helped to keep most military children connected to their friends. Making the move more bearable.

But when it comes to moving, there is also a challenge in the school systems. “Students shouldn’t have to retake courses,” Dockery stated. “The schools should understand.”

More times than necessary, once in high school, the child would be required to retake courses. The standard for a school in another state wouldn’t be the same requirement for the school the child would be admitted to.

“[It’s usually] easier to move in the beginning,” Alesia Dodson stated. There is a feeling of moving being easier on the child if it is during the beginning of the year. It would be easier to make friends than it would be in the middle of the year.

Coming in and making the child take the penalty of failing a class because the teaching method for a state is different than the other can be another problem. The class could be ahead or far behind the school the child is coming from.

With the Military so close to the school, awareness for the military children and families is important.

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