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The Royal Life Podcast: Neil Mark’s SAT Experience

The Royal Life Podcast: Neil Marks SAT Experience

Hello Royals, I’m Matt Reed and this is our new podcast called the Royal Life. Today we are here with Neil Marks where we ask him six questions about his SAT experience.

Reed: Question #1: How did you prepare for your SAT?

Marks: So basically a couple of nights before I started just going online doing practice sessions. I basically focused on the math section and that is basically it.

Reed: Question #2: What advise would you give to your fellow classmates who will prepare for the SAT?

Marks: The PSAT is a great help, taking it your junior year is a great help. The online practice tests are also a great help.

Reed: Have colleges approached you differently after the SAT’s?

Marks: I’m not really sure how it changed from the PSAT to the SAT. I still got all of the college emails from the sign-ups that you get. It really didn’t change that much.

Reed: What college or colleges have you strongly considered?

Marks: I’ve decided to go to Duke but the main one’s I was considering were Virginia Tech, UVA, and Duke.

Reed: In your opinion what is the hardest part about the math and science section of the SAT?

Marks: Just knowing how to solve… there is so much stuff that you have to try to keep straight. How you do one part. How you do another. That is really the hardest part.

Reed: And the last question is how would you decide between two answers that seemed so similar?

Marks: Sometimes if you can’t plug it back into the original and find the answer, sometimes you just got to pick one and go with it.

Reed: Thank you and good luck.

Marks: Thank you.

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