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    Flu Outbreak Hits Students Hard In February


    During the month of February the school was hit with widespread viruses, each easily spreadable. Approximately 9% of all students and staff were affected from sickness according to figures collected through the attendance office.

    The current viruses students and teachers are dealing with include strep throat, mono, flu and the stomach bug. Strep throat is the only one, not self-treatable. But each is short-term, usually resolved within days to weeks.

    Most students who have left school or simply do not come to school were because the viruses last a few days. Most aren’t completely better and come back only to get sick again. On Thursday, February 16, more than 90+ students signed out, while 117 were already absent.

    Even some teachers have been hit with the flu virus or the stomach bug. The biggest concern for some students who have come back to school is missing too many days.

    “If the students bring a doctors note when they return, it will be counted as an excused absence,” Principal Michael Nelson said, “The students could send a letter to the administration’s office explaining their sick days.”

    But the length of the doctor’s note may depend on the sickness that the student has. Some students may have to rely on after-school tutoring to help with missing work.

    “I do encourage the students to contact their teacher,” Nelson said.

    Students do have at least five days after they return to turn in their missing work.

    Depending on the student’s class, the makeup work may not be that hard.

    “It may be challenging,” Nelson said, “[It has] gotten easier because some students are helping each other.”

    Students are recommended to pay a visit to their doctor before and after they become sick. Washing your hands, wiping keyboards and the mouse before use is strongly recommended.

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