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Teacher Returns To Fill English Vacancy


familiar face is returning to the high school’s teaching staff for the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year. Rick Burfoot is bringing his teaching back to the high school. Students from his first block welcome him back to the school.

“I hope Mr. Burfoot brings a strong education, a good personality and good discipline,” sophomore Tyler Spence said.

The class is adjusting to the change with open minds. Change can be different but it can work out for the best. Especially with new teachers.

“I’m excited for the new change. Change can be good for us as a class,” Spence said.

Burfoot is coming back to where he first began teaching. The students have warmed up to him as he begins all over again at the school he use to know. With his own expectations the students adjust to the requirements.

“He seems very reasonable with what he wants,” sophomore Evan Monger said.

The class makes the transition from former teacher David Moody to Burfoot with new hopes. Students work to prepare for the challenging switch. They even have their own hopes they wish for their new teacher to uphold on his end.

“I hope he keeps consistency and explains the material in depth. That’s important for understanding what he’s teaching,” Monger said.

The students even want a switch-up with teaching methods. To increase their understanding they feel the need for the different approach in how they learn.

“I hope he changes the style of teaching we’ve grown accustomed to and helps us learn in a way that is relatable to our lives,” Spence said.

The school brings back a sense of remembrance as Burfoot comes back to teaching Prince George students. The place where it all began comes back to Burfoot.

“This is where I started and I enjoyed teaching here,” Burfoot said.

To Burfoot the school hasn’t changed much since he was here last. Nevertheless, he enjoys coming back and teaching.

“[Coming back is] great. Things haven’t changed much since I left,” Burfoot said.

Burfoot taught in Chesterfield and Henrico before circling back into Prince George. Bringing in his own style of teaching, Burfoot also has his own expectations for the students coming into his class.

“[I have] high expectations for them to uphold,” Burfoot said.

Burfoot wants his students to think and come to conclusions on their own with little guidance. The students in the class await with high hopes to prove to him that they can handle the challenge.

“I want to challenge them, I want them to be creative and I want them to put forth their best effort,” Burfoot said.

With hard work the class expects to keep up with it all without trouble. Many are switching their routine learning to adapt to his teaching.

“I’m paying attention to what he says to adjust to him,” Spence said.

Burfoot brings in change and challenge to his students for the course of their learning. Students bring in fresh minds and are open to the new approach to teaching.

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