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Roache Signs To Stevenson University



enior football player Deven Roache has been getting attention as one of the few students in school to receive attention from college scouts. Getting accepted into college is tough, but the chances of being awarded a scholarship are slim. Roache is excited about his latest achievement and is eager to tackle his next obstacle in life: college.

Roache received an offer to play football at Stevenson University in Baltimore, Maryland, after his junior season at Prince George. The scholarship comes with $14,000 in academic scholarship money. Roache immediately shared the news with his family once he heard the good news.

“I felt good about knowing that all my hard work and dedication finally paid off,” Roache said.

The football player decided to become a member of the football team because he had a strong passion for the sport.

“I joined the football team because football has always been my first love. It’s just the vibe of playing in front of your home crowd and hearing everyone cheer for you when you make a big play for your team,” Roache said.

With his sights set on Stevenson University, there’s one thing Roache is going to miss the most when he graduates from high school – the football team he has bonded with the last four years of his life.

“My whole team and I were close like family. Winning or losing we were all together from the start until the end,” Roache said.

He cherishes the team because the Royals Football team was dependable and was there for him at any given time.

Senior Keith Brown II, who is Roache’s teammate and one of his closest friends, likes spending time with him because his friend always puts a smile on his face and is very dependable.

“Playing football with Deven is fun. We are always goofing off but work harder together, pushing each other to get better day in and day out,” Brown said.

Roache tries to look out for his team mates and does the best he can to make them better. He keeps his team in check and helps guides them towards a common goal.

“Deven is younger than me and is basically like my little brother. He keeps me in check on the field. Honestly, there are times when I might get lazy or slack off, and he always would call me out on it and make sure I get the work in. He keeps my drive going that makes me a better player. During the off-season he would always call me up asking if I wanted to get some drills in at the field,” Brown said.

The football team enables  its members to have a sense of freedom and engage in vigorous activities. The sports team may seem challenging, but Deven has some advice for novice football players.

“My advice to people just starting football is just to do what you know you can do. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do or where you can go in life because the sky’s the limit,” Roache said.

Roache has big plans for college and wishes to continue playing football at Stevenson University. His goal is to major in computer information systems. His main intentions are to work himself up the depth chart and obtain a higher level of education to help him pursue his future career.

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