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Indoor Track Team Sets New Pace


The indoor track team encourages their members to be dedicated, persistent individuals. The sport teaches them valuable, moral lessons to apply to their lives. Most importantly, the team always welcomes new members.

Sophomore Morgan Crawley joined the track team for the first time because she admired running.

“I joined the track team because I’ve loved running for years, and I know the sport would help prepare and improve myself both physically and mentally,” Crawley said.

Indoor track allows its individuals to do something that they have a passion for and help them improve their running skills. It gives them a time to relax and feel free from their schoolwork, and helps focus their energy on running across the finish line.

Being on the indoor track team allows student athletes to interact with each other as they work towards a common goal.

“All of my teammates are very open and encouraging to everyone. Everyone tends to have a positive vibe around them,” Crawley said.

Led by their coach Will Stevens, he embodies the excitement he holds for his runners.

“The season was awesome. We ran the five fastest times in the nation in the 4×200 at our first meet,” Stevens said.

With the bar being set on a national level for their relay team, indoor track has been making headlines as one of the swiftest teams in the country. The team also has plans to shatter more records and be acknowledged as one the most unbeatable teams around.

While this track season has made the team renowned for their impressive, new records, they are already making plans for next season.

“Plans for next year are the same as every year. Change the mindset that it’s about beating Petersburg, Hopewell, and the surrounding counties. It’s about being the best in the state and nation. Work at making track a lifestyle, not just what you do during the season,” Stevens said.

Coach Stevens plans on altering his team’s perspective that’s it’s not just going and challenging other teams, it’s about unlocking the team’s true potential.

The team is considered essential and vital to its members because it makes them feel at home. It teaches them the value of teamwork, integrity, and determination. The team also makes time for students to exercise and get healthier.

“Running track can become more of a mental than physical activity, because you have to learn to push yourself through the pain and work; the workouts at practice can be hard sometimes, but it helps prepare us to be our best for meets,” Crawley said.

Their tough workouts and practice schedules allow the team to get stronger, so they can work on competing and winning their competitions.

The indoor track team is always recruiting new members to their team. They are also planning on winning more competitions and being recognized as one of the best sports teams at Prince George.

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