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    The Weeks Ahead

    Fall Television Premieres

    AMC’s “The Walking Dead” returns October 23rd. TWD last left off with the main character, Rick Grimes, and his group of friends’ lives rest in the hands of the new antagonist, Negan. With the new season, fans are determined to figure out which one of their beloved characters has been killed.

    Sophomore Nick Humphries is especially excited for the return of “The Walking Dead.”

    “I’m excited about the new season because the storyline is great. I would like to know how it will go on and eventually end,” Humphries said.

    Humphries is not the only fan waiting, for both fan bases are rather huge. If interested, both shows are available to watch from season one on Netflix.

    Fans of “The Vampire Diaries” are also awaiting the return of the show on October 21st to figure out whether the beloved Damon Salvatore and Lorenzo St. John have turned to the dark side after kidnapping another character’s child.

    Senior Photos Last Chance

    The last day to have your senior pictures taken at the school is Wednesday, October 26th. There is no charge for the pictures to be taken at school. This is the last chance to be included in the yearbook, there will be no exceptions. For more information about the pictures see Mr. Waugaman in A-2 or refer to the high school website.

    SATs & PSATs Dates Near

    PSAT and SAT test dates are nearing quickly. The PSAT is open to sophomores and juniors. For the PSAT, the cost is $20. It will take place October 19th at 8 a.m., in the Lecture Hall. The SAT late registration for the November 5th test date is October 25th and the fee is $25.

    Junior Meghan Hruska has prepared studying hacks for these tests. “Don’t procrastinate on the studying. Note cards are pretty nice, and don’t do all the studying at once. Take breaks,” Meghan said. She hopes that her studying advice will help others who are taking the test this year.

    Czech Slovak Folklife Festival

    Gather your friends and family for the 4th annual Czech Slovak Folklife Festival. The festival is returning October 15th. Come join everyone at the Prince George Regional Heritage Center from 11 AM to 4 PM to experience new foods, traditions, and meet new people. There is no age restrictions and it is a family friendly event. Dr. Robert ŘEHÁK, a published scholar of biblical proper names and Dead Sea scrolls, will be presenting a lecture at the festival which is sure to impress and educate. Mr. Sebera, a middle school teacher at J.E.J. Moore, has been an active visitor and volunteer at the festival for the past two years. “Your eyes will definitely be open to a new culture that has such a rich historical background,” Sebera said.

    Presidential Election

    The 2016 Presidential Election is steadily headed this way. On November 8th, Americans will vote for the next president. The candidates who are currently in the race are Donald Trump (Republican Party), Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party), Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and Jill Stein (Green Party).

    Not only are registered voters aware of the race, but several local youths are as well. Senior Jack Drushal is one of the many youths who has been keeping up with the election.

    “I think Hillary has a big advantage in the election because of the way almost all media is liberal news.”

    Junior Jessica Walker disagrees. “Trump [has a distinctive advantage of winning] because he is appealing to the masses with what they want,” Walker said.

    As for now, it’s still anyone’s race. Decide for yourself who will win the election November 8th at the polls. Every vote matters.

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