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Class of 2016 Graduate Becomes PTA President

emilyPTA President Emily Leonard helps at the football games by selling snowcones and funnel cakes. The snacks sold at the concession stand go towards funding PTA sponsored events such as After Prom.

How long have you been involved in the PTA?
“I started helping about seven years ago when I was in about sixth grade, but my mom has been part of the PTA for 20 years.”

What are your goals as PTA president?
“My goals for this school year is to assist the faculties staff and students with project and activities both in school and out of school.”

What do you think about the staff this year?
“I am excited to see new faces and to see returning faculty. I think the staff this year is determined to make this a great school year for both the faculty and students..”

What was it like following in your mom’s footsteps, by joining the PTA?
“I feel great about it because I get to follow in her footsteps volunteering and helping others when they need it. My goal is to be just as great as she was as a president.”

What are some of the events the PTA this year?
“Our first event was the feeding the staff for back to school night and homecoming. Next we will have other events including the car show and after prom.”

How does it feel jumping right into the PTA President position after high school?
“It feels good because I still get to interact and help in and out the school.”

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