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SGA Spotlight: Laura Thompson


Rising junior Laura Thompson recently became the newly elected Vice President of the class of 2018.

“When I won, I felt honored because Sam Preece was a very good opponent and I felt like it was gonna be a challenge, and it was. I am thankful that I won, though,” Thompson said.

With the year screeching to an end Thompson is starting to think of ideas for next year.

“I joined SGA because I felt like I can help the students get more involved with school activities. I am preparing for next year by coming up with ideas to improve the school environment,” Thompson said.

Looking forward to the enjoyable, exciting, and challenging year, Thompson has introduced some changes to improve students experience here at Prince George.

“My plans for next year is to get students to enjoy coming to school. What I want to improve is the student’s attitude in school and I would like there to be more communication between students and administration. I feel the students don’t enjoy coming to school and that they should find a way to enjoy their last couple of years at Prince George High School,” Thompson said.

To make Thompson’s goals become a reality she has come up with a plan to succeed in the position as 2018 class Vice President.

“I plan to make these changes by talking to the administration with Class President, Anthony Hunter,” Thompson said.

With an understanding of the class of 2018 Thompson believes this will give her an advantage to be a better Vice President.

“I feel like I’m different because I talk to everyone in the school and I am able to get along with majority of the rising Junior Class,” Thompson said.

Besides from wanting to make the school a better environment Thompson is eager to be working with new and old friends.

“I think SGA will be fun next year because of the people in it. They are great people with great personalities and I feel like they are going to make me a better person,” Thompson said.


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