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Students Raise Funds With Tea In The Garden


Q. What is tea in the garden?

A. It is a fundraiser for our class.

Q. How long has it been going on?

A. It has been going on for five years. We started off with only five plants now we have 75. People wanted to buy our plants so we just made it a fundraiser

Q. What goes on during the event?

A. A lot of skills: retail, customer service, budgeting, inventory, and of course money skills.

Q. Do you believe that there should be more awareness for special education?

A. Yes, we help students find the best way for them to learn. Some are visual learners, hands-on, etc.

Q.Who is able to attend this event?

A. Everybody is invited we even send out invitations.

Q. What do you want to accomplish with tea in the garden?

A. It is an opportunity for students to have a more broad selection after school in whatever field they desire. It is a vocational training opportunity.

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