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    SGA Spotlight: Anthony Hunter


    For the rising school year of 2016-2017, sophomore Anthony Hunter, has been elected in being the junior class president.

    “Next year I want a bunch of fundraisers and way better pep rallies; that includes getting many students involved, get them rowdy, and our school spirit up because now we just have a few students doing games and stuff like that but I want the whole entire school up I want to have things that are more open to the students and teachers,” Hunter said.

    One of Hunters goals is to make the school year the most enjoyable for both teachers and students, and to make high school overall a better experience.

    “Just to be more spirited in school [is my most valued goal]. I just want to make them [student body] to care a little bit more about school and make it a lot more fun in school for pep rallies and things like that I want everybody screaming and up and having a fun time,” Hunter said.

    One of the ways Hunter is planning on accomplishing a more friendly school environment is by helping the students who are highly motivated to get into the SGA.

    “This year [2015-2016 school year], I just made sure kids who are actually motivated are in SGA… Actually make sure kids who want to help out and do things are in the organization so that’s what i’m doing, I motivate people to put the best foot forward when they go out and do it,” Hunter said.

    In relations to school as a whole, Hunter believes that the relationship between students and administration needs to improve.

    “Trying to get a good relationship with the administration. I feel like they [administration] does not really trust us so I want us to have a stronger relationship with them so we can do a lot more and have fun in school,” Hunter said.

    What sets Hunter apart from past class presidents is the determination he holds in to making school a better place.

    “I feel like i’m more motivated like I just don’t talk i’m actually trying to get things done and my executions will be better than just big dreams and just speaking up. I’ve gotten a lot more motivated to actually go out and do something rather than just saying it,” Hunter said.

    In preparations in trying to accomplish his goals, Hunter has been attempting to make the bond with administration stronger and getting students excited for the upcoming school year.

    “I’ve just been making sure everyone is really motivated and happy and has a lot of really good ideas and decide people who are pessimistic about doing things in school, trying to get a good relationship with the administration because I feel like they don’t really trust us so I want us to have a stronger relationship with them so we can do a lot more and have fun in school,” Hunter said.

    Overall, Hunter will remain his focus on the issues in the school and will try to resolve them.

    “My goal is keep it simple, keep it clever, and keep it full, keep it happy. My goal is to be the best [as a school] and to be the best president I can be,” Hunter said.


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