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SGA Spotlight: Aalaya Poree


Sophomore Aalaya Poree was elected to be her junior class secretary for the 2016-17 school year.

Aalaya has not always been in Prince George. For her elementary school years, she learned in a small town in Texas.

“I grew up outside Fort Hood, in Killeen,” Poree said.

She also spent her sixth and seventh grade year here, before moving to Prince George for her eighth grade year.

In her spare time, Aalaya enjoys spending her time in the mall, along with other extra-cirrcular activities.

“I like to go shopping, Poree said, “I [also] cheer and do track during spring.”

She gained interest in student government through what others were saying about the council.

“I heard it was fun, and I have good leadership skills; I [also] wanted to do something different,” Poree said.

While in office, she says she wants everyone in her junior class to say the same thing.

“I want to make our junior year fun, and increase our class involvement in things,” Poree said.

It takes certain qualities to be a great leader in student government, and Aalaya believes she has what it takes to aid her class in being great.

“I have very good listening skills and very respectful,” Poree said.

Her top priority is also to give her class a voice.

“I like to give people a chance of what they want to say,” Poree said.

Going into her junior year, Aalaya’s goals are all centered around one thing above all: the happiness and satisfaction of her graduation class.

“[I want to say] we have accomplished the goals we set this year,” Poree said, “I want everyone to be happy with the things that we got done.”

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