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SGA Officer Profile: Secretary Haleigh Horne

horne_sgaprofile_carlee2New Executive Board Secretary sophomore Haleigh Horne is looking forward to her position and the other that surround her on the newly elected board.

This year’s board consists of all previous members, with four soon-to-be seniors and juniors with two for each class.

The student government association has been rising in influence and trying to get the student voices heard. Fundraising is a major key in the association which follows the class until the senior year, that help with dances and event for the class that is holding them.

“[I am looking forward to] a lot more involvement and more planning into details of events,” Horne said.

As a senator this year, horne comes with experience and knows how the organization works. Starting the club at such an early age can make it easier to get plans done and know what to expect for the upcoming year.

“I’ve been doing sga since 6th grade and it’s been fun,” Horne said. “It’s a way to get in touch with the school and what’s going on.”

As the grade levels go up, so does the involvement of the club. Responsibility continues to increases as the club grows.

Being busy does not stop Horne being involved with student government, she continues to work at South Elementary monthly for community service. She is also an athlete, playing field hockey in the fall.

Time management can be a difficult skill but horne has mastered it this year with all the extra-curricular activities.

“I like [sga] because it gives the students more control for what happens at school. It gives the students a chance because it is student lead,” horne said.

Student government is gaining popularity because of it’s recent events and outreaches. Horne aims to make school a better place for students and make it more modern.  


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