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SGA Profile: President Aiden England


Junior Aiden England won Homecoming Prince, the rap category in the 4-H Talent Show, and recently won the Executive Board President position in SGA. Being involved in a wide range of school activities has contributed to the success of obtaining the highest position in SGA.

The Executive Board President heads over all three classes in the high school and is a major contributing factor when it comes to making important decisions involving the student body.

“I like being able to have a voice within the school and influence decisions being made, especially during homecoming time because that’s a big time the SGA has influence,” England said.

England has been a member of SGA for two years and has many characteristics that allow him to stand out from the rest of his class.

“I have a very loud, projecting voice whenever I do speeches,” England said. “I’m congenial with people but I’m authoritative at the same time. If I want something done I want them to do it right then and there, which is a good way to lead, while being nice to them at the same time.”

England is also very involved with music and art, and when accompanied with thorough leadership skills, can bring creativity to the student body.

“I have other talents, like being artistic, which contributed to the t-shirt design this year because I designed it,” England said. “I hope to do more designs next year and influence the appearance of SGA as a whole.”

Along with the many changes that will take place in the school next year, England is looking forward to the new members of SGA.

“I can tell there’s ambition in all of the people in SGA, especially the new inducted members,” England said. “Even with the altered schedule next year and how we are going to have to start on a clean slate with all the weird adjustments, I think we are going to have a great year.”IMG_1001

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