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    Retired Counselor Achieves New Position


    As former guidance director William Havard makes his way through the halls of the school, many students recognize him by his signature bow tie. The majority of these students are current seniors, who were sophomores when Havard retired in 2014.

    Last year, in his first year of retirement, Havard came in on Thursdays and Fridays to offer assistance to students. This year, in his second year of retirement, he comes in on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Along with his other activities, Havard has recently assumed a position on the Tidewater board.

    Tidewater Academy, located in the Wakefield area, was founded in 1964. Havard was headmaster there before taking a job at Hopewell High School, and taught current Headmaster Frances Joyner while teaching at the academy.

    “I just think a lot of the person who’s presently head of the school, her name is Francis Joyner. I thought if they thought I could help by being a member of the board I wanted to do that,” Havard said.

    Havard’s position on the board began on May 9th, 2016 with his first board meeting.

    “I’m just a board member,” Havard said. “I’m one of nine.”

    There are eight other members of the Tidewater board.

    Havard started teaching at Tidewater in the seventies. He stopped teaching and became a guidance counselor at Hopewell High School.

    “When I was there, the population of that school was significantly greater than it is now. It’s in the neighborhood of two hundred students now and when I was there it was like four hundred and some students. It’s still a small school,” Havard said.

    Havard will continue to come into the guidance office two days a week.

    “I only want to work two days a week, I really am retired. But if they’re two days a week and they’re consecutive days, that means I’m here on an even day and an odd day,” Havard said.

    Being retired, Havard still continues with activities that he engaged in even while working full time.

    “Which is to say I read, I spend time with family members and friends, I walk. Every day I walk four miles. That’s not that far, but that’s what I do. I have a lot of friends and associates that I visit with and have lunch with and do things with,” Havard said.

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