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SGA Officer Profile: Junior Jacqui Beasley Provides Insight for Student Body


Junior Jacqui Beasley is the vice president of the junior class SGA. Beasley contributes to SGA by suggesting new and improved ideas. She continues to display her leadership qualities through actions and support for the student body and school.

“I hold the position of Vice President. I achieved this position by campaigning and getting my name out there. This resulted in the student body voting in my favor,” Beasley said.

Along with suggesting new ideas for the student body, Beasley also lends a hand around school.

“Around the time of spirit week I helped with the decoration of the walls. I also helped with the decision of spirit week days along with the themes,” Beasley said. 

Beasley is not a new face to the SGA community. She first fell in love with the program while she was a 9th grader at N.B. Clements Jr. High school.

“I have been in SGA  since I was a 9th grader. I just decided to go for it, and I have loved it ever since then and continued running for SGA,” Beasley said.

Not only does she intend to use her SGA experience and techniques for her current student body, but also for her future career goals.

“I can see myself helping my student body by applying my new ideas, and making sure that the school year is more enjoyable and safe for students and teachers. Applying myself now in SGA can help me build my public speaking skills, teamwork with future fellow employees, and how to be an excellent leader.” Beasley said.

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