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Kim Bailey Strives for a Better Environment


For sixteen years, Library Media Specialist Kim Bailey has been a part of the PGHS staff. Each year she takes pride in helping out students, staff, and faculty. Her goals from year to year change to help the high school become a better environment for everyone.

“My goals change every year but the top goal is to make the library a better place for students and faculty and to make it the learning center of the school,” Bailey said.

Bailey has always loved reading. When she started applying for jobs she never imagined she would be where she is today. Bailey was interviewed by then Assistant Principal Pete Fisher and librarian Vickie Cosgrove. She was then given the job.

“I had to take classes. I have a masters degree in education and school library media,” Bailey said.

Not only does she do a great job in the library but she also does a lot of work outside of the library as well. For the past fifteen years, Bailey has organized cap and gown orders and coordinates different events to help raise money for a variety of charities.

“I have been organizing graduation and convocation for fifteen years but I am not in charge of it this year,” Bailey said.

Each day is different for Bailey, she comes in contact with many students who she tries to help to the best of her ability.

“This is the best job ever; I get to work with all students, faculty, and staff every day,” Bailey said. 

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