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Support Teen Literature Day Prompts Discussion Amongst Teens


On April 16th, as a part of National Library Month, a day which is not well recognized, entitled Support Teen Literature Day, is celebrated. Support Teen Literature Day was created in order to raise awareness of many Young Adult books and authors, while also raising awareness of the genre. Among these books, novels such as The Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter Series seem to reign on top.

Though more modern novels are appreciated on this day, several people within the school stick to novels written from last century or further.

“I, being an English nerd, loved all of the literature that I was assigned to read [as a teenager], so I loved The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner, that I currently have my students reading,” Department Chair and AP English teacher, Beth Andersen, said.

William Faulkner’s fourth novel, The Sound and the Fury, is what many critics believe to be Faulkner’s best work. It follows the lives of the Compson family as they must adapt to different changes that are happening in Southern society after the end of World War I.

Along with the classic novel that is The Sound and the Fury, other classical novels are also read and discussed among teens.

“My favorite book from the classical genre would have to be The Old Fashioned Girl written by Louisa May Alcott,” senior, Gillian Becraft, said.

The Old Fashioned Girl follows the life of Polly Milton, a 14 year old “country girl” who goes to live with her wealthy family in the city.

While Support Teen Literature Day is only celebrated once a year, avid readers enjoy reading all year round.

“[I began reading] when I was two years old and memorized my first book to make it look like I was reading and I never stopped from two on,” Andersen said.

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