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Students Receive Acceptance Letters for College


Dejanae G BandW Edited

Anxiety is in the air: it’s the season for stress, and time for tension. For some it seems like a life or death decision: college. Your parents and teachers, counselors and relatives weight down on you like a two ton barbell, echoing with the maddening repetition of the same old question: ‘Are you going to college?’

“College, for me, is just another step to reaching my goals” senior, Dejanae Gibson said. “[I’m choosing to attend college] to further my knowledge and increase my chances of getting a higher paying job and it adds to my experience.”

Some students choose to go directly into the workforce when they graduate high school and others go on a different path to college. It is a completely unique experience, definitely separate from anything you would experience while still in high school. Lots of college kids are there just for the experience and the other half of the students are setting a foundation for their future and hopefully careers.

Acceptance letters are another factor that could either make or break you.  Constantly wondering whether or not the mailbox will hold the ‘key to your future’.

“I got acceptance letters from Penn State and the University of Florida. To not get into my ‘dream school’ was disappointing (University of Texas), but I did get into Penn State. It was really exciting and a sigh of relief because my hard work had paid off,” Gibson said.

After hopefully narrowing your choices of campuses to the few you would like to apply to, you may feel prepared enough to choose your major, which for many is even more challenging than choosing a school.

“I chose journalism. However, I might go for a general mass communication degree,” Gibson said.

“I love to write and make news known to the public,” Gibson said. “All of these colleges had my major, UT and Penn State have awesome journalism programs and student magazines.”

There are an abundance of influences that can sway the way you think and which college you attend.

“My mom attended UT and UF so, that inspired me to apply for those.”

She made the decision to apply to Penn State, Baylor University, University of Texas, and the University of Florida.

Which college? Where? What’s your major? Have you saved any money? The galling strain of these interrogations are anything but reassuring.

In spite of the seemingly deadly, college and the decisions that follow do not have to be so terrifying. There are an abundance of resources that are extremely accessible and that is exactly what some seniors here at Prince George are doing: utilizing their surroundings.

Gibson says she went to guidance for advice and help with sending her transcripts. She also said that she used websites like for scholarships and for her SAT scores and general college information. Her parents were a big help and gave her advice and answered her questions. She also used an SAT book to study for her SATs. Like many students, Gibson used her resources and her journey to college is smooth sailing.

“It’s really difficult to juggle college stuff and school work because you have to maintain both,” Gibson said. “It was stressful during that time, and I tried very hard to be proactive and get applications, and scholarships. I also made a matrix that kept me organized about my selected colleges.”

Whether students choose to attend college or not, life is what you make it. Even if it seems like the never ending responsibilities that come with just applying for college will never stop, there are people at Prince George that help with tasks like that everyday. There are resources all around you that are waiting to help you fulfil your dreams.

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