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    Student Uses Skills Taught At Rowanty For Own Gain


    As senior Michael Myrick stands over the machine that will take waterproof vinyl and a blade to etch and carve a personalized statement, little does he know that one year later his hobby would start a business.With this machine, a goal, and support his business would soon thrive and earn him a way to his dream college.

    This hobby has quickly evolved and now 60 plus decals have been made so far. With the decals gaining recognition, Myrick already has a plan for the earnings.  

    “As of right now, I’m hoping to use this as a method to help pay for me to go to college at the Motorcycle Mechanic Institute,” Myrick said. The institute is located in Orlando,Florida that  will be a tremendous change of scenery for this small town Prince George student.   

    Myrick’s decals can be an expression of views, brands, and advertisements of the customer’s choice. The most common use of  Myrick’s decal stickers are on car windshields and/or windows. But his business creations can be seen anywhere from water bottles to the walls of a bedroom.

    “Many people, including myself, like to place decals on vehicles…You have the freedom to say what you want with a decal, also [it is] a good method of advertisements,” Myrick said.

    One his most constant customer’s and friends is senior Tyler Mayton, buying from him every since he started the activity.

    “I like [decals] because it is a cool way to get personalized and it’s cool to support my friend,” Mayton said.

    Mayton’s back windshield features a Rowanty Auto Tech design, the University of Northwestern Ohio logo, Trackstar Motorsports logo, his Instagram @ name, a duck sticker with the caption “rub a bub”, and Dubway sticker.

    The reference to the “dub” is from the Brand of Cars, Volkswagen. The common nickname for the car brand is Vdub so it’s a play on words.

    Myrick already has reputable ways to keep customers. Any interested buyers may ask Myrick for a design and he delivers immediately.

    “I came up with the design and he delivered… the work was flawless and detailed. I’ll definitely be going to him for any other decals I want,” senior Armand Pierre said. Pierre has 5 stickers including Teal Toaster, He> I, speedbumps, got poke?, Extraordinaire 6. He was to add ‘Merica and Rasta in the future.

    Pierre is also a long time friend of Myrick’s and plans to keep giving him support.

    Although the product comes fast, the decal process has a lot to go with it. has a quick explaination for the ends and outs of the process.

    The decals start as a image on a computer in a graphic software program. This program is where the decal is designed with a picture or a font. The computer sends the image to a vinyl cutter. The cutting machine has to be equip with transfer tape and vinyl.

    After the decal has been cut, with some adjustments, it is ready to be transferred to a surface.  The decal is given to the customer and they transfer it to any surface of their choosing.

    Myrick’s hobby of making them has now transformed into a hobby for many more looking to add personal touches to their belongings. With countless instagram shout outs and word of mouth, Myrick is now looking at a great idea turned into pandemic for decals.

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